Strategy in Marketing

Tried and True

Many of us have read business books and came out thinking “well, that makes sense” or “that’s just not how it works”.  We then file the information away in a folder of our brain that may or may not be referred to in the future; may be tried and implemented or just left alone. 

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I want to adapt but “How?”

Such a great question! Limitless amount of answers!

If you had the chance to read my previous blog posts (if not check them out here: ), I eluded to several clichés and catch phrases that I would visit in this post. I recently read “The Microscript Rules” by Bill Schley. Great quick read that was insightful and entertaining. Some of the following thoughts were derived after I read the book.

gaining traction equals sales

Spinning your wheels

In my last post I wrote about the “New Normal” (not a big fan of that catch phrase and hope it makes the list of bad clichés sooner than later). I admit it has thought provoking tone but gaining traction in this quagmire should not be minimalized to “normal”.