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I want to adapt but “How?”

Such a great question!  Limitless amount of answers!

If you had the chance to read my previous blog posts (if not check them out here: ), I eluded to several clichés and catch phrases that I would visit in this post.  I recently read “The Microscript Rules” by Bill Schley.  Great quick read that was insightful and entertaining.  Some of the following thoughts were derived after I read the book.

Depending on where you are in your personal and/or professional life, how you approach your “Brand” is important.  How do you convey in a memorable way who you are and what you do?  I considered the very question myself and made some personal and  professional observations inwardly and am in the process of implementing some of the ideas that were formed from those exercises.  Truth be told I was kicking myself for not boiling my thoughts down to such a simple thought.  A provoking yet simple thought or suggestion.

Businesses are and will always ask “How?” Do I get my message to the buyer. Whether you are B2B, B2C or any other B2?, that question is more than relevant, it is paramount.  There is no doubt that if you own a business or work for a business there is a product or service that somebody needs.  If you could only get your message to the right buyer in the right way, you would have earned a client/customer.

This is where it gets (to many) overwhelming!  So many tools out there to choose.  Which will give me the best bang for my buck?  Can I afford to purchase such a tool?  Will I be able to utilize the tool appropriately?  These and many other questions are valid and should be answered but the real question is can you afford NOT to implement new strategies, tactics, tools and techniques?  

That being said, I refer to the beginning of this blog.  I believe the first consideration is your “Brand” and the messaging of your Product and/or Service.  What is memorable about who you are and what you do?  Can you get that messaging to a clear and concise statement that your potential client/customers can relate to?  Can you tell a story in a short form that is compelling enough to garner action?  If yes, you are ready to deploy with the tools available.  If no, craft your message and be able to back it up with your product or service.