Tread4 Consulting is based in the Kanas City Metropolitan Area, we are a progressive company focused on business processes that will improve our clients’ bottom line through technology and process efficiencies. Our mission is to provide the most current proven technologies and business practices to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their business and selling efforts.

Our experience over 35 years in many industry environments allows us to offer the best in breed solutions from CRM through strategic planning, sales training, account planning and much more. Technology and the tool sets it provides are constantly changing. What business networking was up until just a few years ago now includes Social Networking over the web. We examine, learn and put into practice many of the tools available today.

Tread4 Consulting determines your individual situation, then applies unique sales training and/or sales consulting solutions customized specifically to meet your objectives. Our analysis of your sales process, support organization and overall digital footprint will show how effectively your business is responding to today’s business environment. We will help guide you in your sales, marketing and customer relationship efforts to increase your bottom line.

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We have developed strong expertise across many business sectors and industries and are deeply familiar with implementing solutions that easily integrate into your “real-world” situations and deliver successful results now and in the future. Due to our dedication to each individual client and our focus on their success, that is who we are.

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We don’t believe there is a cookie cutter approach to performance improvement solutions.

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Why We Are Different

We build trust by doing what we say we will do which will the achieve positive results you are looking for.

Tread4 our Clients

Our Clients

Our solutions are tailored to each individual companies needs rather than a cookie cutter methodology.

We understand the effectiveness of providing our clients with practical solutions; CRM, sales training and consulting that works and produces measurable benefits. Our clients’ business, industry, value proposition and products/services are unique.

Our clients, ranging from small to large organizations, are a diverse group of companies looking to improve the results of their performance and have turned to TREAD4 for guidance and support to provide the correct strategy and approach to meet their business needs.