About eFaciliTrack

As the world’s first fully integrated, cloud-based Facility Management System, eFaciliTrack brings a solution unlike any other to the Facility Management Community. Whether you are a Healthcare Facility Management Group, a Firestop Service Provider, a Commercial Contractor, or any other organization dealing with facility management, the eFaciliTrack solution is specifically designed to help you efficiently and accurately record facility data, easily upload it to your eFaciliTrack hosted database in a real-time manner, and seamlessly evaluate your facility for compliance.

The eFaciliTrack Platform

Bring the power of one of the most advanced web-based database platforms to your facility management needs. eFaciliTrack offers built in tools to manage your facility that you can’t get in
any other application. The platform can manage all aspects of your facility or integrate with current applications you are using to enhance their effectiveness. Non-technical users can manage all aspects of the platform from users and their permissions, to adding additional applications you need to manage your facility, to reporting on any aspect of your facility to prepare for the next inspection. Since eFaciliTrack can grow with you to meet all your facility needs, it’s the one and only facility management tool you’ll ever need.








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