Obligatory fine print

If you are reading this fine print, we applaud your attention to detail!  This paragraph is only meant to generally release myself and Tread4 Consulting, Inc. of any liability, culpability, financial or fiduciary responsibility and any other legal ramifications of the words, pictures, sayings, thoughts and the like that are portrayed or suggested on this website, email, blog or any other form of communication.  Furthermore, you as the reader of this fine text will now be referred to as the “detail oriented consumer” or “DOC” in any further paragraphs, sub paragraphs, sentences, words, letters and especially any grammatical errors and the like.  As Tread4 Consulting, Inc. the “Producer” will be referred to as “Tread4” or “T4”.  In light of all future “Doc” visits, “T4” offers opinions and expertise on strategies, tactics, technologies and techniques to gain traction in business performance.   “T4” will expressly advise that our current and future clients ignore any thoughts of “business as usual” or “that’s how we have always done it”.  We are here for those who shun the idea of resting on their laurels.  Antiques are in many cases examples of forward thinking, art and craftsmanship.  Undoubtedly these are spectacles of time where those who came before us and some still among us created, built or crafted a functional item or process that assisted their community and/or the world.  While they were revered as new at the time of creation, most have likely been adapted to perform better or become more aesthetically pleasing and adapted over time.  We learned from the inventions and improved upon them as time has gone by.  Tread4 has a passion to assess the current tools, technologies and processes that our clients have deployed and improve upon them with updated tools, technologies and processes to gain Traction in Business Performance.