Tread4 Consulting, Inc. is proud to represent eSalesTrack  by Soleran.  As an eCertified Platinum Partner, we offer a service that provides solid process improvements, custom configuration and training on the eSalesTrack product.  Whether on-site or over the web, we are here to assist in all of your    eSalesTrack needs.CRM On-Demand eSalesTrack is an on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service from Soleran that you will actually want to use. eSalesTrack is designed for ease of use, quick access to essential information, built-in analysis, mobility, security, and scalability.
Get Organized

Using tools like the eSalesTrack’s unique funnel management tool, you can quickly manage opportunities to stay on top of who needs the most attention. Managers can stay on top of their team’s activity, allowing them to proactively jump into opportunities that may need more attention.

Real Time ManagementManage your activity all in one screen using tools like eSalesTrack’s Activity Management module. Developed specifically to help manage your busy day, you can track all the items that you need to do today and watch your activity to plan more accurately for the future.
Put Marketing in Automatic!eSalesTrack’s email marketing engine employs a simple, easy to use tool to automate your email campaigns. We bring all the necessary pieces together in one spot to keep your sales and marketing machine cruising along.

  • WYSIWYG template designer to create great looking emails
  • Allows custom notifications to trigger drip email marketing campaign events.
  • Create bulk email blasts that merge data and contacts right from eSalesTrack.
  • Built in Task integration for campaign follow up
  • Preset your campaign to go out at a future date and time and schedule multiple campaigns simultaneously with variable email addresses
A Proposal…A Quote…A Bid…A PO…A Packing Slip…An Invoice

eSalesTrack was designed to allow for all of these needs and is flexible enough to accommodate even more. Our goal is to ensure your sales process is a mirror image; not a conformed and distorted image of the business’s processes.


Tread4 Consulting, Inc. is an Platinum level ePartner with Soleran, Inc.