gaining traction equals sales

Spinning your wheels

In my last post I wrote about the “New Normal” (not a big fan of that catch phrase and hope it makes the list of bad clichés sooner than later). I admit it has thought provoking tone but gaining traction in this quagmire should not be minimalized to “normal”. Let’s face the music folks. Not only has this pandemic shaken society, economics, work/life balance, sanity and the list goes on; it has brought to light (blaringly) our need to adapt. Our lives depend on adapting to current situations. Adjustments must be made and another catch phrase should be thrown out; “Business as Usual”! Nope! Unless you specifically have a plan and an operational crystal ball, “Business as Usual” is an inadequate approach to long term viability both personally and professionally.

We need to Gain Traction…Get a Grip…Move Forward…Persevere! (sing that to Devo’s “Whip It”).

I also talked about the “How?” question. The “Million-Dollar” (Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil) question! I now am changing that to the “Trillion-Dollar” question (old habits, uggh)!

Part of the “How?” answers lie within us. Individuals need to possess the desire to learn what paths are available, what pieces and parts of paths could be molded together, what trail could be blazed and their willingness to accept the need for adaptation. We all should assume that change is upon us. Now we must adopt new approaches, new strategies, new tactics and new techniques to not only survive the quagmire but to reach our personal and professional goals. Those goals may or may not have to be adapted to the post pandemic world but certainly the path has changed!

I have personally spent this time to reflect on my goals and have adjusted them. We shall see if my new perspective and approach are in line to achieve those goals.

You likely have noticed the cliché-ridden writing. That is for good reason and somewhat of a preamble to my next Blog post…stay tuned!


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