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The “New Normal”…Really?

I have been working from home for many years (15yrs give or take).  This pandemic has given us “New” catch phrases.  The “New Normal” is merely one of a million catch phrases that we will hear or read in the upcoming days, weeks and months regarding the plight the pandemic is causing and the aftermath that has yet to be determined.  It is “Normal” for me to be working from home. My point is that (this) is not “Normal”; not yet! “Normal” is subjective.  I cannot determine “Normal” and neither can anyone else. We as non-essential workers have been living in a time where circumstances have left us jobless, reduced hours, work from home or seeking work to maintain our lives and the lives of our families.  Some are facing financial stress to varying degrees including total collapse.  That is NOT normal nor is it “New”

Our situation has brought adaptation to a whole different realm of necessity.  Interaction with others has been heavily reduced due to Social Distancing.  We all are trying to adapt and break old habits in our interactions with others and yes, it is “new” but not normal.  We as a global society will adapt in our personal lives as well as our work lives.

Again, what I am writing is not “New” nor is it “Normal” however I see permanent change (adaptation) post pandemic and economic discourse.  The million-dollar question is “How?”.  We know the who, the what, the why but we are clamoring for the right “How?”

What will make the most significant impact on us?  How should I reach out to people appropriately?  How should I market my product or service?  How should I position my business.  If I am able to save my business…How should I regain Traction in my market space?

There are very many “How?” questions but I believe if you can answer the most important “How?” question you will be on the right track.

How am I going to address these “How?” questions and get answers?

You have got to gain Traction in this unsettling situation (quagmire) we are in today and will be in for the near term.  Put tools, processes and technology in place that will assist you to perform in changing times and provide a path to successful adaptation now and in the future.