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What is Sales Enablement?

Here are a couple explanations from the old InterWebs:


Sales enablement is the process of providing the sales organization with the information, content, and tools that help sales people sell more effectively. The foundation of sales enablement is to provide sales people with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process.


Sales enablement is “a strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales results and productivity by providing integrated content, training and coaching services for salespeople and front-line sales managers along the entire customer’s buying journey, powered by technology.

Sales enablement teams can handle a wide range of different activities and priorities, including:

  • Sales onboarding and continuous learning programs
  • Creation of sales assets and sales training content
  • Ownership and implementation of the sales coaching strategy
  • Sales communications
  • Cross-functional communication
  • Management of sales tools and user best practices
  • Measuring and reporting on sales enablement program success

Some firms may only have one person who is responsible for enabling the entire organization on a full- or part-time basis. Others may have multiple dedicated practitioners who are each focused on a piece of the sales enablement strategy (such as a dedicated sales coach or content creation specialist).

Quota-carrying sales reps aren’t the only ones who need support; everyone who directly faces your buyers will also benefit from relevant content, training, and coaching. This includes everyone from sales engineers and customer success, to service teams and channel partners.

Messaging throughout your organization should be consistent and portray your organization as a full time customer advocate.  It is a mindset shift towards gaining traction in business performance.