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What can I do differently?

We all want to come out on top.  Will that happen each and every time?  No.  Organizational culture is an important aspect of success.  Most people will say “of course, everyone knows that”.  Truth is few put the concept into action expecting that everyone “knows that” when in actuality they don’t.  This concept not only demands of any organization or group, a collective awareness of the concept but also a path to action.

How can I lead an organization/group that puts this concept into action?  

Ask yourself:

How can I do better?

How can I assist in others doing better?

If an outcome is negative, why?  What could I have done differently?

It is very difficult to build an organizational culture that continues to breed positive outcomes and it starts with leadership.  Many times it takes transformations in thought for the leaders.  Most people are of the mindset of “what’s in it for me?”…that’s ok.  Share with them what is “in it for them”.  If leaders are unable to put themselves in the mindset that transfers positive action to reward, the message will fall short and never be adopted.

Instead of expecting people to understand, assist in them in realizing the win “for them”.  You ask people to adhere to a concept of performance both personally and professionally; help them achieve it.  Lead the way.  Be the coach.  Be the mentor.  Be the example.

People ask me often how I can be “OK” with negative situations.  I let them know that I am not “OK” with it, I choose to ask myself how I can do better to avoid the disappointment in the future.  Gradual Improvement is better than stagnant performance any day!  I want to stay on top so I must learn and adapt.  I must ask myself how I can do better.