Commitment – Embrace new thoughts, approaches and actions!

Commitment is a common word meaning: 1.  the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. or 2.  an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.

There are the boiled down versions defined by the dictionary of the inter-web.  Pretty straightforward forward it seems, yes?  Being the pragmatist, I disagree with them being straight forward in practice.  Commitment is much more complex than it appears.  Both personally and professionally, Commitment is hard work.  Commitment is necessary to achieve goals in life and business.  Without Commitment, one could veer in any direction at any time for any reason…a true free spirit!  Imagine that!  I have no commitments means; I am free to do whatever I please whenever I please.  Wouldn’t that be great?  “Whatever happens, happens”.  “I will cross that bridge when and if I get to it”.

I hope I am not bursting any bubbles here but, “That dog won’t hunt”, “That boat won’t float” or any other cliché you can think of that means:  There are actions you must take to attain a goal.  If you set a goal in the first place, commit to reaching your goal!

Many people set a goal and then try to achieve that goal without changing their approach or process or thinking.  Again, Cliché previously referenced apply.  I am a firm believer in setting goals that are high yet attainable, both personally and professionally.  I am also a firm believer in creating pathways to achieve the goals.  I set my goal first.  Then, I ask myself (and others) “How do I get there”.  It mostly involves changes in my approach, my thinking, and my actions.  All of this seems straightforward.  What is complex about this?

Many are afraid of change, afraid of failure, uncomfortable with new ideas and practices.  Many also have high expectations for results.  If results are not quick and measurable, they are quick to reset the goal when they should be resetting the approach or thinking or action.  If you commit to a goal, then it is inherently necessary to commit to whatever it takes to reach that goal.

Embrace new thoughts, approaches, and actions.  Embrace adjusting your thoughts, approaches, and actions.  That is the complexity of commitment.  Yes, it will affect elements in your life!  Yes, it will affect people around you!  Yes, it will create change!  Embrace that commitment and always strive to achieve your goals.  Set ‘em but don’t forget ‘em.

Wouldn’t life be grand if everything you wanted in life just fell in your lap?  Not for me!  The journey is far too exciting to miss out on!